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Disabled Pre Selected Check Box File Properties Issue

Problem Description: If you have a files which are hidden and you want to unhide but when you go to file properties to uncheck Hidden checkbox but you can’t to do due to Disabled Pre Selected Hidden Check Box like below given image. Img01

Solution: Such file can be unhide with ‘ATTRIB’ (Attributes) DOS command.



You have a file (with any extension) in your PC on “D:\My Video\Video File.mp4” path and you want to unhide this file.

    1. Go to Run or Windows + R
    2. Type CMD and press “Enter key”
    3. Type following DOS command on new open DOS windows and Press “Enter Key”

attrib -S -H “D:\My Video\Video File.mp4” /S /D

Congratulations!! Now Your Problematic hidden file with Disabled Pre Selected Hidden Check Box is unhide and you may use Hidden Check box in file Properties for Hide or Unhide the file.