Muhammad Irfan

"The purpose of life is a life of purpose." Robert Byrne


Manager Software Quality Assurance & Network Support

  • Development and implementation of policies and procedures for best practices
  • Improved quality results by evaluating and upgrading processes
  • Managing the activities of the QA team throughout planning and execution.
  • Providing leadership across the QA effort and coordinating with other project leads including deployment, development, and project management to provide states, coordinate activities, and escalate issues as needed
  • Organizing the teams to most efficiently work across several projects
  • Performing continuous task/resource gap analysis
  • Hiring and evaluation of QA Resources when needed
  • Team Building and Training of new QA resources
  • Preparing desirable analytical reports required by the management
  • Ensuring recommended standard working environment and QA needs and rectification of routine issues i.e. software, updates, network, internet, hardware etc.
  • Documentation of test cases to meet the desired test coverage goals
  • Prioritizing, organizing, planning and executing multiple projects through testing to release
  • Working to minimize risk by identifying, communicating and escalating issues to management
  • Management of source control, configuration, build, and software release management (defining iterative releases for functional delivery and integration delivery and testing)
  • Implementing/configuring open source defect tracking system and test case system

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