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“Net Send” command in windows XP workgroup environment

This Activity Divided into following Two sections

  • Services Enable or Disable in Windows XP
  • Net Send Command
  • Services Enable or Disable in Windows XP

Before using net send command, make sure messenger services should be enable on both Sender and Receiver computers

  1. To verify service Go to Control Panel
  2. Open Administrative Tools
  3. Open Services and Find Messenger Service in available list of services
  4. If Messenger service is disabled like below given picture follow all following instruction otherwise move 2nd Section Net Sen Command
  5. Double click on Messenger Service and select Automatic in Startup Type list of values
  6. 002

  7. Click on Apply
  8. 003

  9. Click on Start to start Messenger service
  10. 004-01

  11. After completing Start Service Process click OK
  12. 004

  13. Now Messenger Service starts for Net Send Command Support.
  14. 005

    • Net Send Command
  15. Click Start
  16. 008

  17. Click Run and Type CMD and Enter
  18. 000

  19. Command window will open
  20. Types net send <Computer Name OR User Name OR IP Address> Message and the Enter
  21. 006

  22. You will get exact Syntax by typing net send command