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History of Mobiles and their Features Advancement

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In the beginning of Cellular Phones, Mobile Phones have only one calling feature (Voice Data Transmission and Receiving in the form of Radio Signals) between two devices. On those days for text data communication one another device was used which is called PAGER. After the advancement some mobile phone manufacturers develop multifunction mobile phones with some basic utility and common use of features like Call, Text, Calculator, Calendar etc.

All above said features comes with very heavy and large size mobile Phone Sets with small size screens like calculator display.  Than main focus of manufacturers is to reduce the size and weight of mobile phone devices, after getting said task their next target is to enhance battery backup time for customer comfort and satisfaction.

NOKIA is a company whose provide mobile phones with compact size and better battery performance at that time that was one mobile phone manufacturer who meets the customer satisfaction but with some limitations. Afterward they improve their technology day by day and offer new inventions in mobile phones as following:

  • Black & White to Color Screen
  • More Compact Phones
  • Better graphics and Screen Size
  • Improve Battery Backup Time
  • Smart and friendly  Interface
  • Introduce More Mobile Phone  Applications
  • Easy Menu and Operations
  • Object Oriented manufacturing
  • Reliability and Durability

 Operating System in Mobile Phones

Nokia is first mobile phone manufacturer who introduces first OS with limited features in mobiles phones industry, their first OS name is SYMBIAN which have capability to install some specific applications which was developed by NOKIA.

In those days one another Mobile phone company BLACK BERRY introduces more advance and stylish mobiles with their own Linux Based Operating System for business and elite class. But they can’t effect NOKIA market because than NOKIA develop a range of Mobiles for all Community levels and Price Range. But at that time one technology competitor is come for NOKIA market.

During the technology and innovation race they offer more features and applications in mobile phones to complete the race as well as meet their financial targets and goals. QWERTY keypad Mobiles was introduced in that ear for better mobile usage but it can’t very famous due to its tiny keys, Peoples demands more applications and their friendly use but its not easy job with small screen and without any pointing device. To meet these challenge Mobile manufacturers introduced new concept in mobiles which is Touch Screen Mobile with comparatively large size of Mobile phone screens and comfortable pointing feature to use mobile applications easily.

It was beginning of SMART phones but they haven’t better User friendly interface for their customers and poor screen sensitivity so this concept is not attracting customer at that time. MICROSOFT also comes into mobile manufacturing industry and they introduce their Windows 98 Mobile Version as an Operating System to fill up the technology gap in touch phones and also want to gain this opportunity but they are also flop due to buggy and hectic user interface and hardware response.


Finally APPLE introduce first reliable, smart and efficient, touch screen mobile phone with their MAC mobile version having a range of mobile application software as well.  After the successful launch of IPhones and their later versions, APPLE becomes a giant in mobile phone industry without any compotator in that technology both hardware and software. At That time GOOGLE decided to introduce an Operating System for mobile as competitor of APPLE so they develop and launch their OS ANDRIOD which is very stable and having mostly features and look and feel like IPhone OS but this is Open source as an advantage.

Open Source Development and Its Advantages  

Now in 4th Generation Mobile called Smart Phone, Following are famous OS comes in smart Mobile Phones which has specific consumers market and financial growth

  • Black Berry
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Android

Android OS which is Open source software is typically created as a collaborative effort in which programmers improve upon the code and share the changes within the community.

Google Corporation offers mobile phone manufacturers to use their Android OS which is Free License for user with a range of installable free application software and updates in applications and OS, Friendly User Interface, reliable performance and much more. So some mobile phone manufactures like Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei, and HTC dig up this opportunity and use Android as OS instead the use of their basic and old OS which has just some basic mobile features.

Android also breakup monopoly of Apple and its costly mobile application and utilities software, a large scale of consumer switched from apple to android, this is new horizon in mobile industry at both side for customer and manufacturers. Now mobile manufacturing is divided into two following groups:

  • Hardware Manufacturing
  • Software Manufacturing

Third Party Manufacturer VS NOKIA

Due to above said division some third part investor like QMobile and G-Five comes in market and take order with different specification for different price ranges to develop hardware mobile set  and installed full functional bug free efficient and reliable ANDRIOD OS for customers. Now customers have options to buy smart phone as per their buying power but the functionality seems like iphone.

NOKIA   VS  QMobile

QMobile is Third Party Investor Company; they develop Android compatible hardware from china and use Android as an OS. They deal in each and every price range with reliable smart phone.

Nokia is large multination mobile phone manufactures but they are not willing to switch Android OS for smart phone, they are trying to improve their own operation system to compete iphone and Android but in their every release of their new mobile product have many bugs and poor response of application because customer compare their product with Iphone and Android phone because NOKIA offers their mobile very expensive but the usability is not meet Iphone and Android. Due to this reason Nokia lose their customer because consumer has variety in mobile now days.

Recently NOKIA realize their mistake so even they move to Use Android as OS, they trying to enter again in market with different flavor so finally they offer their latest mobile product with the name of LUMIA, Lumia is a product of two companies joint venture (NOKIA as Hardware Manufacturer and Microsoft is Software Manufacturer and use their Latest PC OS Windows 8 Mobile Version).

As per customer feedback in different social media website and customer reviews of different web forms NOKIA new product also not very famous due to different hardware, software and short collection free mobile application. Due to this reason some small mobile manufacturer gains their market worth and Nokia is losing their repute.

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