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SuperCopier (A Best Copying Software)

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SuperCopier replaces Windows explorer file copy and adds many features:

· Transfer resuming

· Copy speed control

· No bugs if you copy more than 2GB at once

· Copy speed computation

· Better copy progress display

· A little faster

· Copy list editable while copying

· Error log

· Copy list saving/loading


For Downloading click “SuperCopier” or copy following URL and paste into address bar of web explorer It is complete software for best copying in windows environment. If you are facing any problem or need guidance please feel free to contact me on my email address:

Author: alahdin

I Muhammad Irfan is an IT professional currently working at SNGPL in IT/MIS Department. My Contact Numbers: +92 (0)333 442 9629 +92 (0)306 466 9667 +92 (0)313 494 5679

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