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How to Start or Stop a Service in Windows & Command Prompt

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These steps are for Windows XP. Some steps may differ slightly if you use a different Windows operating system.

1. Logon to Windows with Administrator rights.

2. Click Start > Control Panel.

3. Double-click Administrative Tools.

4. Double-click the Services icon.

5. Double-click the service that you want to stop or start.

6. When the Service Properties window appears, do one of the following:

a. If the service is running, click Stop the service.

b. If the service is not running, click Start the service.

7. Click OK.

To get a list of the running services enter the command

net start

You can add output to a file to the end of above command (net start > [filename]), i.e. net start > services.log

You can then try to shutdown, Pause and Restart each of them by entering the command using following commands

Start/Stop a Service Using Command Line

The netsh tool (netsh.exe) can automate the startup or shutdown of a service through the following command line:

This requires administrator rights (or PowerUser). If you do not have administrator rights, you can still put a pause and restart:

To Start a Service: Net start “<name_of_service>”

To Stop a Service: Net stop “<name_of_service>”

To Pause a Service: Net pause “<name_of_service>”

To Continue a Service: Net continue “<name_of_service>”

Some services will ask you to enter a Y to confirm, and for these just add /y to the end, i.e. net stop nsstation /y

You can also use the Resource Kit SC.EXE command, use

To Get a List of the Services, and Then

sc query

To Stop the Service

sc stop <service name>

To Automatically Starts the Service When You Boot the System

sc config <service name> start= auto, i.e. sc config tlntsvr start= auto

Sc Command Appears to be Able to Control Remote Services With the Following Syntax
sc \\computername [start|stop] servicename


Net start “tlntsvr

Net stop “tlntsvr

Net pause “tlntsvr

Net continue “tlntsvr


sc start tlntsvr

sc stop tlntsvr

sc pause tlntsvr

sc continue tlntsvr

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