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View IP Routing Path on Network on Command Line

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  • tracert Introduction:

Here Today I Will Teach You How to Trace an IP Address to See From Where Packets are Routed.

  • Procedure:
  1. Click On “Start”
  2. Click On “Run”
  3. Type in Open Field: cmd and Hit Enter
  4. Now You are IN DOS Windows
  5. Type in DOS Prompt ‘tracert ‘ and Hit Enter
  6. Now You Can See How Packets are Routed and Reach Host/IP Address Which You Specified with tracert command.

  • tracert Syntax:

tracert [Host IP Address] [Host Name]

  • tracert Switches:

For Other Specific trace Options You Can Type ‘tracert /?’ like Shown Below
C:\>[b] tracert /?[/b]
Usage: tracert [-d] [-h maximum_hops] [-j host-list] [-w timeout] target_name
-d : Do Not Resolve Addresses to Hostname.
-h maximum_hops : Maximum Number of Hops to Search For Target.
-j host-list : Loose Source Route along Host-List.
-w timeout : Wait Timeout Milliseconds for Each Reply.

  • tracert Examples:
tracert IFFI_PC
tracert -d
tracert -h 5
tracert -w 3000

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