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Adding Auto Hide Toolbar To Clean Your Desktop With Icons

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If you are interested in modifying the look of your Windows desktop one way to accomplish this is to auto- hide the taskbar/toolbar. The auto- hide option is a common way to modify your desktop by giving you some extra space. The way the auto- hide the taskbar option works is that when you are not using the taskbar/toolbar it disappears, however when you require it, you just simply place your mouse cursor at the bottom/Top of the screen (where your taskbar/Toolbar would normally be) and it will appear.

  • Collect All Icons from Your Desktop and Put Into a Folder i.e. Icons
  • Move Icons Folder In Any Available Drive i.e. C:\, D:\, E:\ …
  • Right Click on Status Bar
  • Go To Toolbars Option
  • Select New Toolbar…
  • Windows Appears With Available Data Locations
  • Select Icons Folder From Drive (Where You Moved Earlier)
  • Click OK Button
  • Icon Toolbar Appears on Status Bar
  • Drag Icons Toolbar From Dotted Section and Drop Top of The Your Desktop
  • Reght Click on Icons Toolbar and select Following Options
  • Your Icons Toolbar Appears with Auto Hide Properties
  • Now There is No Icons Speared On Your Desktop
  • Enjoy Your PC With Aligned and Managed Icons
  • You Can Also Add My Computer Toolbar For Quick Access of Your Drives

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