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Finding Computer Name, Workgroup/Domain and MAC Address

  • NBTStat Introduction
NBTStat is a Microsoft Command-Line Tool which is Used for Finding Target Computer’s Name, Workgroup/Domain and MAC.
It is also used for Troubleshooting NetBIOS Name over TCP/IP (NetBT) Resolution Problems.

  • NBTStat Syntax:
    nbtstat [-a Remot Name] [-A IP Address] [-c] [-n]
  • NBTStat Switches:
    -a : Returns the NetBIOS name table and MAC (Media Access Control) Address of the Address Card for the Specified Computer name.
    -A : Lists the Same Information as -a When Given the Target’s IP Address.
    -c : Lists the Contents of the NetBIOS Name Cashe.
    -n : Displays the Name Registered locally by NetBIOS Applications such as the Server and Redirector.
  • NBTStat Examples:
    nbtstst -a IFFI_PC
    nbtstat -A
    nbtstat -c
    nbtstat -n